Security in Space: Planet and AllSource Analysis. Providing value of National Security, Defence and Intelligence

In collaboration with Defense & Security 2021, proudly presents a major webinar on Security in Space by Planet and AllSource Analysis for the National Security, Defense, and Intelligence. In this webinar, Planet and AllSource Analysis will present examples of several maritime and land monitoring use cases made possible by tip and cue workflows. The topics covered in the webinar include: – How to create weekly reports focused on vessel movements and identification at ports around the world – How to verify, GIS-enabled vessel identification data, and combine this with in-depth analysis of specific maritime issues to provide a finished geospatial intelligence solution – How to combine high-volume data collection, automated methods and expert analyst curation provide the perfect combination of automation and high accuracy for both land and maritime areas of interest.


○ Thomas Harris, Director of Professional Services, Planet

○ Kenyon Waugh, President, AllSource Analysis