Tri-Service Asian Defense & Security Exhibition, Conference and Networking Event
1-4 November 2021
IMPACT Exhibition Center Bangkok Thailand

Live Demonstration





      "Roxtec cable sealing solutions for protection against Electro-magnetic Interference"


Roxtec cable and pipe seals ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability. Our system protects life and asset against risks caused by, for example, fire, gas, water, dust, and pests - and the EMC product family adds electrical safety and protection against electromagnetic interference and lightning strikes. The system is approved by all major classification societies and used in many industries and applications. Roxtec EMC cable sealing system demonstration that protect against electro-magnetic interference and lightning strikes, that can cause disruptions to military operations. 

This on-booth demonstration will provide delegates with an understanding on the impact of electro-magnetic interference that can disrupt military operations and discover innovative ways by Roxtec on mitigating them.  It will also demonstrate Roxtec’s EMC sealing solutions capability to lock out and divert nuisance signals from interfering with sensitive electrical equipment, while ensuring personnel safety.

The attendees will then be able to understand the benefits with Roxtec’s modular solutions in bringing greater cost and productivity efficiencies to overall military operations.



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