The Royal Thai Armed Forces have called on the Royal Thai Air Force for support of unmanned aircraft to fly over borders and prevent illegal immigrants from trying to enter the Kingdom over major border areas and violation of quarantine measures in the ongoing fight covering the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Air Force has provided its own two unmanned aircraft, Aerostar, which was procured from Aeronautics in Israel and U-1 from RV Connex Thailand, which has day and night surveillance capabilities. At present, the Royal Thai Air Force has a UAV stationed at the 404 Squadron and has established the Royal Thai Air Force Division 3 Watthana Nakhon, Unit for UAVs, with Squadron 301 as a squadron for training UAV operations using U-1.

Besides both types of UAVs the Air Force is also using Aeronautics’ Dominator UAVs, an updated version of Diamond DA42 Twin Star to MALE UAV (flying at medium height with long flight times), and the Air Force already has the DA42 in use, stationed at 404 Squadron with Aerostar.

In Aeronautics and RV Connex, Thailand have long been exhibitors of Defense and Security events and Defense & Security 2021 has proved to be an ideal place to showcase the latest military hardware to global decision makers. The show is recognized as one of the most important tri-service military events in the region and will be held in neutral Thailand.

Source: (thairat)