6 – 9 November 2023 
IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand

Tri-Service Asian Defense & Security Exhibition, Conference and Networking Event

DEFENSE & SECURITY 2023 is open to defence and internal security professional s only. The show is based on 4 unique and dynamic concepts.

1. Static Display

Exhibitors can exhibit a wide variety of defence and security equipment. Previous items included everything from radio jammers, weapons systems, guns, missiles, tanks, UAV’s, armoured & transport vehicles, vessels, satellites, telecom and a wide range of state-of-the-art electronic defence technology.

2. Technical and Special Seminars / Presentations / International Conference

Each edition of the event allows for 20 Seminars and Conferences to be given by exhibitors and top international experts. All have proved of great interest and are particularly popular features of the show. Most attendees are invited by the Thai Ministry of Defence as guests, with particular relevance to topics selected by the organizing committee.

3. Live Demonstrations

These are arranged by contacting the show organizer a minimum of 7 working days before the show begins. All demonstrations are conducted under the supervision of the Thai Ministry of Defence. Attendees can be invited by the Ministry or the exhibiting company.  

4. Networking Opportunities

These will include the Opening Ceremony, VIP tours, daily Executive and Official Luncheons, Cocktail Reception, Government-to-Government Meetings and Government-to-Business Meetings.

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