Military Satellite Napa-1 to Boost Royal Thai Airforce Capability

Recently, the Royal Thai Air Force launched its first satellite and will play a crucial role in the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Defense System. The Napa-1 satellite would have cameras crucial to the RTAF’s Defense System while strengthening national security and preventing threats. Napa-1 satellite together with other existing sensory systems will better equip the air force to handle various operations including natural disaster relief work; controlling wildfires; protecting natural resources and water management.

RTAF’s Space Operation Centre (SPOC) was set up last year to enhance RTAF’s capacity in space in a bid to enhance its operational capacity and upgrade the country’s capabilities in space missions. The new center aligns with the air force’s strategy, which includes “space” as a domain for operations ranging from surveillance and patrol, to the creation and maintenance of satellites and tracking of space objects.

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Source: Bangkok Post / New Straits Times /RTFA / Thai PBS